Dianna Petterson Sign Design

A town sign to honor our prior sign, updated to reflect the resilience and strength of our community

  • Support – 12” x 12” Square support poles (possibly upcycle ok’d, untreated power poles)

  • Tree top backing supported with 2 x 4 framing, adding and additional 10ft of height

  • 3 steel panels with laser cut script of “Welcome to”, “Forever Strong”

  • 2 steel / iron arches with town name in block lettering, spanning 19ft

  • 5 – 2 x 12 x 19ft planks, stained honey gold and varathaned with either iron script or routered scripting painted black.

  • Tree structures – paintable lumber backing leaving all lettered signage areas open.

  • Additional visions

    • 1 - 25ft L x 15ft W x 3ft D; garden box built with standard lumbers

    • 2 – 10ft bears carved from trunks of removed trees from Paradise – placed at base of each support pole

    • Or 2 – large boulders – one at the base of each pole