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The signS will rise AGAIN



Welcome to the “Welcome to Paradise Signs” official website. We are a group of volunteers (The Sign Committee) dedicate to replacing the signs at the gateways to Paradise on Skyway and Clark Road that were destroyed in the 2018 Camp Fire.

The sign committee has been meeting periodically over the past several months to discuss and develop a thoughtful plan that will allow the community to provide input and assist through a submission and selection process outlined below.

Also, the Sign Committee has set up a fun through the North Valley Community Foundation to facilitate donations. This fund will allow donors to receive a tax deduction for their contributions to the projects. The Ultimate goal will be to fund the sign reconstructions through tax deductible donations. To make a donation, click the button below:


Temporary Sign DEsign

The temporary “Welcome to Paradise Sign” that will stand tall, as the community, decides on a new design.

The temporary “Welcome to Paradise Sign” that will stand tall, as the community, decides on a new design.


The Process

We welcome all productive input, whether you would like to rebuild the sign as close to the original as possible, or a new and updated design that would represent Paradise after the Camp Fire rebirthing process.

The Sign Committee has been working with local excavators and organizations to complete the debris cleanup and installation of temporary signs at both the Skyway and Clark Road locations.  You will soon see the debris cleaned up and temporary signs placed at both locations as we go through the design, selection, permitting and rebuilding process.

Below please find the attached multi-phased approach to allow for your input on the designs and public selection.  

  • PH I - SUBMISSION OF DESIGN - Submission of design ideas and images based on Community Goals and Architectural Guidelines. (Additional sign submission criteria forthcoming – July 31st)

  • PH II - DESIGN RATINGS – The Sign Committee will review Phase I Design Images, through a rubric scoring process.  A licensed Architect will be assisting the team through the process. (Aug. 1st - Aug. 9th)

  • PH III – SELECTION OF THE TOP 5 FINAL SELECTIONS – The Sign Committee will review rubric scoring and present the top 5 selections to the Community for vote. (Aug. 12th - Aug. 23rd)

  • PH IV – PUBLIC VOTE – The 5 selected designs will be displayed at a minimum of 2 public forums and Facebook for a final vote.  Design that receives the most votes will become “the sign that welcomes people to Paradise” (Aug. 19th - Sept. 6)

  • PH V – PLANS, PERMITTING AND CONSTRUCTION – The final design will be converted to professional building plans as required by Butte County for building permits, site collaboration with all adjacent property Owner’s and utility providers. A combination of local contractors and sign builders will build the winning and final design. (TBD; dependent on donor funding).


DEsign Criteria & Submission

If you would like to submit an official design based on community goals and architectural guidelines, please follow the directions from the design criteria form that can be downloaded via the button below.

Top submit your design; email the committee with attached PDF of design to:




We ask the community to be involved

We urge the community to be involved with the rebirthing processing of our beautiful city on the ridge. Your input matters. We ask the community to assist the Sign Committee with a vision of a new sign and voting on the final chosen designs once the are live. This community will be built through your voice. It is time to create a positive change for the ridge but first we need to welcome everyone back with a beautiful sign that will be treasured for generations to come, similar to our sign that was lost in the Camp Fire.


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